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Skyroad Logistics was launched in February 2015 as a special startup project at the request of former customers of Mr Mark Brundell, the former owner and Managing Director of the previously leading industry company. Compelled to bring back the service levels and customer focus he was renowned for until selling his former company in 2008, it started with a ground up review of what we could do better. A team was formed between Mr Brundell, Gration and the nominal company ‘RoadFeederCo’ and a project plan established to bring the company into market by 2016.

During the following six months we researched equipment, systems, new regulations and established relationships with industry leading companies in other markets. We toured those markets and learnt as much as we could. We brought the ideas and the vision back to Australia as part of our strategy to bring the world’s best initiatives to Australia.

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In June 2015 we incorporated the new business and the directors were established and became the senior leadership team. Soon after, in August 2015 we ordered our first road borne equipment from Kenworth and Maxitrans Freighter and we put the first trucks and trailers on the road in November 2015 ready to service our first contracted airline customers.

Since then we have focussed on serving our customers with a genuine small company focus while bringing our world best systems into a new market. These systems, such as SkyIQ, will through rigorous testing and development deliver an experience to aviation logistics customers that is second to none.

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Early in 2016 we expanded our team to include non-Director management drawn from ASX listed entities to bring our company forward and positioned for our upcoming rapid fleet growth. Our second phase systems were developed and we further tested SkyIQ including on OEM truck fleets.

In June 2016 we started deliveries of our latest generation Sky-Modular trailers, another true Australian first. These bring productivity and flexibility matched to the unique needs of the current aviation logistics markets. While other companies dwell in the decades old standard trailer designs and dimensions, Skyroad’s team builds ours around our customer’s cargo needs.

Also in June 2016 Mr Brundell handed over executive and operational leadership to the non-director management team, however his immense knowledge and experience remains the foundation of Skyroad’s capabilities.

Only a company with a history of ground up innovation built from knowledge of the real industry leaders can deliver this level of customer focus.

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Skyroad Logistics

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