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Mott Bleeser Logistics

Mott Bleeser Logistics, one of Australia’s premier logistics transportation services company. Since 1988, we’ve been responsible for reliable bulk transport and delivery of the country’s grain, gravel, and fertilizers.

As a crucial part of our clients supply chain, we handle all of their operational transportation needs from start to finish. That’s why at Mott Bleeser Logistics, we always push for progress in bulk transportation techniques, getting your products from A to B – safely, securely and to a predefined deadline.

Our focus as a leading logistics transportation services company is to continually improve delivery speed, operation costs and quality of service. The MBL team strives to bring you highly effective solutions that are specifically customized, to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment.

Address: 8 Sandown Drive, Mildura, VIC 3500

Phone: 03 5023 7855

Fax: 03 5023 7866


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