Hernes Freight Service

Hernes has been a recognised & respected name in the refrigerated road transport industry for two generations, over thirty-five years. The origins of what is now Hernes Freight Service can be traced back to Harvey Herne’s humble beginnings in 1974 when he started off carrying frozen groceries down the eastern coast of Australia & frozen chickens back up with just one Mercedes Benz prime mover. Today Stuart, Harvey’s son, owns & operates a modern fleet of over forty vehicles comprising of mostly Western Stars, being one of the biggest privately owned fleets on the eastern seaboard.

Hernes Freight Service is a proud member of the Northern Rivers community, servicing our local produce growers with daily trucks to all the major city produce markets. Hernes offers a free pick-up & delivery service to & from local farms via our fleet of four rigid Kenworth trucks, ensuring our local farmers a simple, convenient method of getting their valuable produce to market. Hernes Freight Service is also proud to be heavily associated with the major local beef industry, transporting local beef all over Australia as well as delivering our prime beef to Australian docks & wharfs for the export markets. In addition to this the Hernes Freight Service logo has become a familiar site on the linehaul corridors of the east coast, with the fleet proudly helping to supply groceries to all our major supermarkets from Brisbane to as far south-west as Adelaide.


Hernes Freight Service specialises in refrigerated road transport of both frozen & chilled groceries. We proudly play an integral part in the logistics supply chain for all of the major supermarkets, several of Australia’s major food manufacturers, as well as several family owned & operated smaller grocery retailers. Hernes Freight Service fleet vehicles can be seen hauling refrigerated freight from Brisbane to Adelaide & anywhere in between. The Driving Force of Hernes, the men behind the wheels, work tirelessly day & night to guarantee the general public will always find what they need at their local supermarkets.


Hernes Freight Service understands the needs & requirements of our local farmers & appreciates the hard work that goes into growing fresh fruit & vegetables of the standard that is delivered to the major city produce markets. With this in mind Hernes takes every possible measure to ensure our farmers’ precious cargo is delivered safely & on time in the same top quality condition as when it left the farm, from the time it goes on the back of one of our several rigid vehicles, that offer a free pick-up & delivery service, to the time you choose a select piece of produce from the shelf at your local supermarket. At Hernes we pride ourselves on being able to assist the local farming families in sustaining our regions fertile & flourishing orchards & farms.

Meat & Game

Hernes Freight Service can also proudly say we play an integral role in transporting the highest quality beef that comes out of the abattoirs here in Northern NSW as well as south-east Queensland. Australian & more importantly local beef is some of the highest quality in the world & with this in mind Hernes take every possible care in delivering this fine cargo all over Australia as well as to our many docks & wharfs to allow this premium Australian product to be proudly exported across the globe. Hernes is happy to be a part of such an important local industry that employs hundreds of local families.

Hernes Freight Service

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