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Based in Mildura, North West Victoria, GTS is a family owned business that has grown from humble beginnings in 1980 to become one of the largest wine and beverage transport distributors nationwide. Backed by an ever expanding fleet of vehicles and a team of dedicated staff, GTS is committed to servicing their clients with the highest level of excellence.

The entire GTS fleet has been standardised so that trailer equipment on all b-doubles will be specified as 34 pallet space straight deck taut liners. GTS are also trialing 36 pallet space trailer combinations.

We also place strong importance in ensuring that the entire fleet implements mass management to industry standard. GTS is mass management accredited through the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) and operates the fleet to concessional mass limits (CML) ensuring that all vehicles can comfortably carry payloads of 38 tonnes.

This guarantees that all trucks are loaded correctly and not overloaded ensuring that the productivity and efficiency of all loads are maintained at high standards, ensuring greater road safety..

At GTS we have an ever expanding fleet of prime movers and b-double taut liners. Our fleet includes over 125 b-double prime movers and over 150 b-double taut liners trailer combinations. All of our vehicles are stringently maintained to industry standards according to the NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme). To guarantee that all of our vehicles are of the highest standard we have our taut liners custom designed by GTS to minimize freight scuffing, damage and to maximize carrying capacity. To further ensure that all vehicles meet our high standards and are maintained correctly, all vehicles and equipment are part of our continous replacement program.

10% of the GTS fleet operates within the Sunraysia region maintaining local work while the remaining 90% work in hi-utilization shuttles and interstate line haul activity Australia wide.

At GTS we pride ourselves in having reliable equipment and vehicles. That’s why we choose only the best manufacturers and brands. Majority of our fleets trailers are supplied by Vawdry and Maxitrans whilst the towing units are combinations of Kenworth, Freightliner and Volvo. As a result of our large fleet and constant workload our fleet currently averages approximately 2.2 million kilometers per month.

564 – 580 Benetook Ave Mildura VIC, 3500

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