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Locally owned and operated, Tanami Transport provides professional, efficient cattle cartage across outback Australia, using a fleet of highly maintained road trains.
Tanami Transport is committed to providing a service that ensures customer expectations are met. Our staff strive to achieve the best practice in all aspects of our operations.

Tanami Transport


Tanami Transport has operated as a livestock cartage business from the same depot in Alice Springs, Northern Territory since the early 1960’s.
The business began as RPM Transport in which Richard (Dick) Rogers, Martin Petrick and Joe Mengel were co-owners, but eventually Dick bought out the other two.
In the early days, the fleet consisted of Fodens, Internationals and Mercedes trucks which pulled single deck trailers to move stock across very rough, ill-maintained bush roads. By the early seventies, Dick started buying Kenworth and Mack heavy duty primemovers and double deck stock trailers which modernised the fleet. The business name RPM Transport was changed to Tanami Transport in the mid-seventies.
When Dick and his wife Gwendolyne, purchased Arapunya Station their sons Alan and David Rogers took over ownership and operations of Tanami Transport.
In 1986, the boys sold out to Dicky David and Ken Warriner, but Alan continued to run the show. In 1991, Alan and his parents purchased the business back from Dicky and Ken. It then remained in the Rogers family until Oct 2007, after which it was bought by a local businessman.
Tanami Transport


Between them, our drivers have more than 100 years experience in operating road trains. They also have comprehensive understanding of working with livestock. Each driver is allocated a roadtrain which he alone drives and maintains. Drivers are assisted in their repairs and maintenance by an in-house Cummins trained mechanic and an experienced boilermaker who deals with trailer repairs.

Our drivers are familiar with the latest industry standards such as the “Is It Fit To Load?” criteria and the Land Transport Standards (LTS). They also display a strong duty of care to all road users and ensure they comply with all road rules.


Our strong reputation for professional, reliable livestock cartage has grown over the years, making Tanami Transport (NT) the best choice for anyone in the pastoral industry wanting to transport cattle.
Tanami Transport can be relied upon to have our trucks ready to load, as booked, to ensure your livestock arrive at their destination in a timely manner and the best condition possible.

Recently, Tanami Transport was honoured by the Australian Truck Association for 15 years of truck safety, and was also a finalist in the 2015 Trucksafe/John Kelly Safety Award. Tanami Transport was rated number 15 on the Beef Central website (www.beefcentral.com) feature for the 2014 Top 25 Australian Livestock Transporters.

Tanami Transport

Contact Information

Address: 14 Sargent Street, Alice Springs NT, 0870
Phone: (08) 8952 1166
Email: admin@tanamitransport.com.au
Tanami Transport